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About Us

Reefmaster - Young Progressive Company

Reefmaster Group of Companies is a group where each of its subsidiaries is focusing in one aspect of marine ornamental animals and as a whole working together in one aim to be the most technologically advanced exporter of marine ornamental livestock in Indonesia. The parent company PT. Banyu Biru Sentosa has had experience as a coral exporter since 1979. As the company undergone a radical revamp in 2011, the advancement is unstoppable. We are continually evolving and rejuvenating to be a “Young Progressive Company“. Today,Reefmaster Group of Companies’driving team is dominated by what the world call “Generation Y” with 70% of the company’s staff below 40 years of age effectively giving the company a healthy boost of energy and innovations. We keep expanding our knowledge in reef keeping technologies, not only as a customer – oriented exporter but also as an environmentally responsible company by investing heavily in proper equipment and best additives to bring the quality that we have today. We educate our staff about the importance of daily water monitoring and handling the animals in the most delicate way possible;while at the same time, we develop in house aquaculture and marine based aquaculture as our effort to reduce pressure to the environment.

As a manifestation of our “Young Progressive Company” slogan, we know that our pressure to mother nature can be reduced by not wasting what the nature gives us. We believe our fair trade practice to our suppliers and fishermen with technological advancement enable us to do just that, ensuring that all living animals you receive from us will always arrive in the best possible health and should stay that way due to our hard work acclimating them in our best possible artificial living condition.

Technologically Advanced – Socially & Environmentally Responsible – Value for Customers

Company Vision & Mission


To be Indonesia’s most technologically advanced marine ornamental livestock exporter by implementing fair trade practice, being environmentally responsible,and giving the highest possible quality stock for our customers.


  • To reduce pressure on natural environment
  • To evolve by developing analysis, research and development
  • Having the most advanced husbandry
  • Show the true beauty of every single corals
  • Give the best value for customers
  • Show the true beauty of every single corals
  • Give the best value for customers


  • Corals and invertebrates
  • Hard corals
  • Soft Corals
  • Live Rocks
  • Invertebrates
  • Marine Fish

Reefmaster Worldwide

About Our CEO

As a pioneer in Indonesia’s modern marine ornamental livestock exporter, Dwi Atmaji is and still is a hobbyist. He was born in 1981 and just like any other kid, it all started with a pair of goldfish in a glass bowl as Christmas presentback in 1989, things became unstoppable for him, tetras, platies, guppies, koi, arowana, discus and everything else became his best friends when finally he got hooked up by a pair of clownfish back in 1994, then the marine madness began. He would skip schools and disappeared from the parent’s house for days to hunt for marine fishes by the shoreline 5 hours away from home. Multiple punishment and warnings were no deterrent for his passion for marine life which he carried on until his college days in Melbourne-Australia. By the good guidance from his friends and local Australian reefing forum he finally managed to keep and grow his first Acropora back in 2000, quite the Holy Grail for that time. The nickname “Reefmaster” was then given by his old boss who is also a reef keeper when he was working as a home builder in Melbourne, a name he still proudly wears until today.

After having had enough of Australia and the cold weather, he went back to Indonesia and has already made up his mind that he wants to be a coral exporter despite the challenges from the parents. He made his first coral sales at 2004 by his own effort and things were not smooth back then until he finally managed to acquire a company in 2007 which then being split by then end of 2010 and he went on to acquire PT. Banyu Biru Sentosa back in 2011. Back in 2007, as the new kid on the block and often called a dreamer he was faced with so many challenges, first and foremost was extremely low quality and variety of corals being offered from Indonesia which he saw as a result of poor husbandry and unfair trade practice to the fishermen and suppliers, he then began his social quest by going to the source and offering better money if the fishermen would follow his guidance, as a result quality and variety begin to steadily increase until what we can see today.

Today, Mr. Dwi Atmaji is still heavily involved in day to day husbandry of the corals. He would still spot and anticipate any potential problem to his prized corals and still researching and implementing any new technologies or theories he would see fit to be implemented. He is also still handling some customers himself and directs the company as a whole to follow his ideology.

Technologically Advanced – Socially & Environmentally Responsible – Value for Customers